воскресенье, 16 сентября 2012 г.

Gannar the Exile

Hey everyone!)
At last I have some movement on this project. And I'm glad to introduсe to you Gannar - the second importaint character in this story.

Gannars parents had rare talent to handle elements, such as Earth and Fire. As long as those talents are illegal if not used for the sake of Highest Temples, they deсided to live a vagabond life, hoping that clerics of all three temples won't find them. Soon they joined other group of same mavericks as they were.

Small group of exiles had grown in count and became a threat to River Valleys inhabitance. No wonder why - almost all exiles are culprits and are banished by society because of their malicious deedes.

They had been hunted. During one of the raids, Gannar had lost all his family. Hatred to clerics and existing rules of soсiaty turned stronger, so he started planing his vengeance.
He established new exile colony in the mountains, with his own strict rules.

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